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For the past few days, we’ve been hearing murmurs about something called Occupy Wall Street. We assumed it had something to do with a fucking career fair, so obviously banished it from our radar. But then a herd of poor people got in the way of our daily commute to Barney’s (we day-time as personal shoppers, for ourselves). Fuck the 99%, this is war.

So we took to Twitter to research this “movement.” Flash forward to two hours later and we’re finally caught up on Kim Kardashian's tweets. Sorry, what were we just saying?

As it turns out, recently a bunch of ugly poor people thought it was okay to be annoying and ask for money like this was an episode of the Jersey Shore or something.


protestsDear gross hippies: this isn't a democracy, it's a betchocracy


Needless to say we still have no idea what the fuck this “movement” is about. But neither do the protesters, so let the shit-talking begin.

The people occupying Wall Street seem to be just as confused about what they’re doing as the people writing blog posts about what they’re doing. Something tells us we could take old our “Free Lindsay” sign to this protest and go totally unnoticed. As a matter of fact, if betches owned Birkenstocks or knew how to get to Wall Street we’d already be fighting for America’s Favorite Fuck-Up.

Anyway, who determined this 99% vs. 1% thing? 99% of every bro a betch has ever made eye contact with works on Wall Street. This shit is skewed, and that’s probably because America’s youth can’t do math. Go fucking protest about the education system why don’t you?


too betchy to fail


Whatever, betches love the 1% and here's why:

- Betches are the 1%. We actually invented it, but we guess the 99% thought that "the Lucky Sperm Club" was a bad #9 nickname for their enemies in the 1%. It's called sniffle-down economics. Fucking duh.

- We've never concerned ourselves with 99% of the people around us before, why would we start now? Like, stop trying to make the 99% happen, it's not going to happen.

- Obviously, in any epic battle between a small group of better people and a big group of worse people, betches will choose the elite team. Like historical betch Queen Marie Antoinette once said, let them eat non-fat flourless cake.

- The only people who should occupy Wall Street are #62 pros.

- As a betch, you're never the protester, you're the girl muploading the protesters with a witty caption like, "Poor people, why so serious?"

- We love how some celebrities are showing support. And not because this is in any way poor person chic, but because it reminds us of how most celebrities were dirt poor before their cheek bones scored them their first B-list acting gig. Penn Badgley, good luck getting hired by the 1% once Gossip Girl gets cancelled. Too bad, that role you played as a beaver in Easy A could have been your ticket to the Oscars.

- If these people want to live in a socialist country, why can’t they just ask their daddies to send them abroad for the semester or something? Problem fucking solved. Betches for president!

And last, we hate to say it, but we actually think we might be kindred spirits with the Wall Street occupants. These people haven't done #36 work in days and have basically just been sitting around #1 talking shit 24/7. Throw in some fucking vod and house music, and you’ve got yourself a solid Blackout Wednesday.


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175 Comments TALK SHIT!
  1. bogusbetch says:

    You should know that I’ve found 99% of your previous posts to be witty and relatable but this one drops the ball. Betches aren’t stupid so please don’t make us look bad. Educate yourself.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    fucking genius.

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  3. Princess Betch says:

    Good work. Occupy Wall Street is a completely anti-betch movement from what I have heard, even though I have been trying not to follow the #2 News.  If it’s not bad enough that most of the protesters are hipsters who need to go on a #5 Diet, they are bothering our bros when they are on the way to make money for us.

    Occupy Wall Street hippies need to go back to occupying jobs at places like Starbucks so they can fetch me my #54 Iced Coffee.

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  4. kdub says:


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  5. Leveraged Betch Out says:

    you’re probably a gdi. and fat.

    and if you’re in favor of occupy wall street, you probably need to take a shower & shave your legs.

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  6. jaclyn says:

    I agreee. this post is ridic .

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  7. no says:

    that’s cute

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  8. A Real Betch says:

    You shouldn’t be so #24 sensitive to the 99% because that’s really not betchy at all. You’re even worse than a #48 Dud because at least she doesn’t talk, so just go fill up your Brita filter and stop trying to ruin #63 America.

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  9. Kate says:

    “But then a herd of poor people got in the way of our daily commute to Barney’s”

    lol’ed at this

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  10. yea betch says:

    oh completely pinned. You probably go to a peasanty university that required a 3.0 admission. You can’t buy a brain, betch

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  11. @Laughable says:

    Stop trying so hard honey

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  12. Megan says:

    hahaha YES I love it!

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  13. Anonymous says:

    agreeing with the 1% is not stupidity. while the occupy wall street movement has some valid points, their efforts are best served in washington dc towards the policy makers.  there is no need to attack the bankers for working hard and being successful.  sorry they were busy studying at an elite college while the occupy wall street people were drinking all week at their state school or community college. #suckstosuck

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  14. betcchh says:

    “you’re never the protester, you’re the girl muploading the protesters with a witty caption like, “Poor people, why so serious?”
    literally fucking LOL

    loved thissss post even though I’m a registered democrat ahhah not a very good one.

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  15. betch down to party says:

    this post has got it all wrong
    this is just the sort of party we are down for
    betches love pretending to be hippies and going to big parties where there are big crowds of people hanging out getting wasted - hello, coachella?
    also the cause - its just like when a betch asks daddy for more money
    these people are being totally betchy!
    just like you said, they are our kindred spirits, though poorer - they havent worked in days and all they wanna do is talk shit! so fun!

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  16. The american betch says:

    This is disgusting. Didn’t know being a betch also meant being un-American.

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  17. Theladyisabetch says:

    It’s abou time that someone summed up what those idiots are doing out there. Let’s be honest, sitting in the street is an outdated form of protest and obviously ineffective.

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  18. Em Bee says:

    Love this one. So true. Hippies are not okay

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  19. Anonymous says:

    completely agree love this site but could hardly even read this post.

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  20. Nat says:

    It’s hilarious, because whoever authored this post is nowhere near being the 1%. You think you have money, you haven’t even met the people who actually have money. Yeah you might’ve been able to buy your degree at Cornell.. A, but I highly doubt the Dean would recognize your name in an instant.

    Hilarity at it’s finest - super rich girls, who think they have wealth.

    Great blog though, entertaining for your “betches” alike. P.S Girls, very “unbetchy” to live your life based on a blog.

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  21. Southern Betch says:

    Thankkkkk youuuuuu Betches! Loved this post…as a betch who does follow the news because i’m studying law I have to say that your post like, totally represents the most important part of why the whole Occupy Wallstreet is bullshit:“a bunch of ugly poor people thought it was okay to be annoying and ask for money like this was an episode of the Jersey Shore or something.” Hahaha too fucking true.

    Keep it up betches!

    Southern Betch

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  22. Brittany says:

    This is absurd. I’ve been an avid fan of this site for a long time but I can guarantee I’ll never be back. I know that one lousy fan doesn’t mean much but oh well.
    All of these “poor people” occupying wall street aren’t asking for money, you idiots. They’re asking for the money that our country does have to be spent wisely instead of stolen from the people so that the 1% can be richer while the country falls into ruin. Go ask your daddy to send you back to college so you can get an education and some culture, maybe even some manners. I wish I could say that twats like you are what’s wrong with this country but the truth is that you’re too stupid and insignificant to be affecting anything at all. You’re just the mold on the underbelly of a much larger problem.
    I won’t be back to even read the responses to this since I’m sure they’ll be senseless and ineffective.

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  23. ibetch says:

    I didn’t go to an elite institution and elect to work insane hours in Finance to pay for all of my tax dollars (how many days until Obama is out of office?) to go to someone else’s ass that isn’t willing or able to put in the same 80 - 120 hour weeks.  If I am going to be working the hours equivalent to two to three jobs, I damn well better be compensated accordingly.  Yes, the banking system was partially responsible for the 2008 melt down - but also we’re the fucking reason this country has had money.  It’s capitalism, and as stated above, if you don’t like it move to a fucking socialist society (we don’t like you either).

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  24. SB betch says:

    1. wall street definitely has some assholes that steal even the rich’s money. stop that. i like my money to grow, not let some shithead siphon it.

    2. correct. these lazy/dumb fuckers shouldn’t be asking for free shit.

    3. great fucking point. protesting against the current education would be a much better solution.

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  25. Anonymous says:

    except when they’re trying to take money and power away from our (grand old) party.

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  26. Anonymous says:

    OWS is making a mockery of our country.  Other countries such as France have televised the similarities of Occupy Wall Street in comparison to the social uprisings of Tunisia and Egypt - This is horribly embarrassing and I actually care about my country.  Go back to Bard and shut up.

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  27. Bro Dude says:

    ridiculous ladies. this post flip flops. goes on a rant about how bad the occupy people are but then does a 180 in the last few lines. what’s the obsession with money girls? Aint no wallstreet bro tryna be listening to you betches yap 24/7.  #BetchesBeConfused

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  28. Thoroughly Confused says:

    I was so proud of you betches and your wisdom till i read this post.

    “why so serious”? WHY SO IGNORANT!!?!

    uncool, betchez, uncool.

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  29. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t like this post you’re most likely poor, a democrat, or both.

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  30. Anonymous says:

    “P.S Girls, very “unbetchy” to live your life based on a blog.”
    totally agree. don’t get me wrong, this blog is HILARIOUS and a fantastic way to procrastinate but basing your entire life decisions on if some blog author will approve of your actions or not complete contradicts everything “the betches” stand for. Get a grip.

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  31. betchhh says:

    I’m loling at the betches who try to turn this into a political debate. Honestly, 105. “It’s like, whatever”. What happened to betches not giving a shit? And stop being so sensitive…that’s weird.

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  32. Paige says:

    Mother Theresa says ” I will never go to an anti war rally, now if there’s a peace rally..sign me up!” ( not sure if she said that word for word but whatever) Point is, they’re focusing on all negative things. Who cares if these poor people are right or wrong? Only Martin Luther King senior was able to make a change by protesting. Whether they want money that rich people have stolen from them, or aspire to live in a socialist country this protest simply isn’t doing jack shit. They should climb the fucking latter (  go to college then a grad school where the average graduate banks over two hundred thousand dollars a year) AND THEN do something about it. Exactly, that’s what I thought..they would never because they’d be too busy working and hiding their money in swiss bank accounts.  OR they can get really hot bods and plastic surgery, fuck a rich bros and quickly steal from them while they’re sleeping before they jet out the door in their # walk of shame attire. There’s just so many other ways and protesting is clearly not an effective one.

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  33. Anonymous says:

    this is bullshit. you ignorant fucks.

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  34. powerbetch says:

    these betches would do best not pretend they give a shit about politics…uninformed satire is retarded.  this blog is way more entertaining when it is about something betches are qualified to talk shit about like, the real housewives of beverly hills and not fucking bros. it’s like whatever though…over it.

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  35. Anonymous says:

    2. i would have found this post entertaining because i get that you betches are shallow as fuck, but it was so poorly written that it was too much effort to pick through it all to find the funny bullshit. sorry, betches, time is money. and lolz at these comments.

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  36. Anonymous says:

    Educate yourself betches you are definitely not the 1%...

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  37. Anonymous says:

    Have to agree with bogusbetch. Stick with what you know like the Kardashians or house music. Sorry to say but arrogance and stupidity are not betchy qualities.

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  38. Anonymous says:

    hands down the most idiotic comment on the page. love the post though, ha

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  39. true 1% says:

    you’re actually retarded. they aren’t asking for shit. they’re asking for all of our money to be spent responsibly. i fucking hate idiots like you, like get your shit straight before you start spamming websites with your crap.

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  40. idiots please. says:

    awkward because they aren’t. they want all of our money to be spent more responsibly. get your shit together and fucking ask your daddy to explain it to you.

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  41. the true 1% says:

    if you don’t like this post you are clearly educated, in the top 1%, or both.

    this post is fucking ignorant. ask your daddy to send you back to college, maybe you’ll get into an ivy league this time.

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  42. Christine F says:

    Obviously this post has some issues. It’s not just unbetchy, it’s ignorant, it’s unamerican, it’s disgusting. It also is missing some crucial facts.

    1) They don’t want your money, they want the money that we all pay to be spent responsibly.
    2) These are people who are unemployed (and not like housewives or college students) (like the author of this post, that you all worship so much. like come on, who has the time to write a huge blog everyday if they’re a housewife, a student, or have a job?)
    4) The economy is fucked up and we all know it. Sure all you GOP idiots can try to blame is on our president, but everyone knows this all began prior to 2008 when Dubbya was president.

    Get educated or get out. This blog was fucking great until you tried to act smart. Stick to the Kardashians and Candyland, you know stuff you can actually comprehend.

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  43. kbetch says:

    maybe I would think this was funny if I actually followed the news and knew about this movement.  But actually I think this post is not clever because this really isn’t the betches’ specialty.  Stick to what you know betches, and follow your own advice to not branch out!

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  44. E says:

    Although this post wasn’t normally as funny or clever or true to real life, I will say this: what IS the point of OWS? I don’t keep up with the news closely, however, I know people who are protesting/promoting/whatever and I still cannot figure out what the point is. Raising awareness? Rich people know they’re rich and poor people know they’re poor. The whole thing seems poorly planned and even more poorly executed. Shouldn’t people, even those who aren’t interested, have some sort of idea of what it is about? I certainly don’t.
    PS- this post was kind of offensive. Just because you are the 1% doesn’t mean you don’t know people who are the 99.

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  45. LOVE THIS says:

    Absolutely love this blog post. Don’t listen to the morons… this was one of my favorite blog posts you guys have ever done. What… all you losers finally read something on blogs that isn’t licking the asshole of some liberal?

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  46. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, I am becoming more and more disappointed with you betches. How any one is unaware of the Wall Street protests is beyond me. This has been going on for over a month now, you really expect me to believe that it’s gone that long since you’ve accidentally payed attention to the news or heard someone talking about it on the radio? Please. And if any “betch” is going to comment on this telling me how un-betchy I am, let me save you the time… I don’t give a flying fuck. Sorry, not sorry for being intelligent and paying attention to what’s going on with the economy/my country instead of being concerned with when the next Keeping Up episode airs. If being a moron is betchy, then I will gladly hang my betch towel up to dry. And another thing, NO ONE is going to be impressed by you’re lack of knowledge on current events. I suggest you download a CNN or NBC app instead of refreshing Texts From Last Night.

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  47. Anonymous says:

    You obviously went to community college

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  48. Anonymous says:

    I could not agree more. I am officially unimpressed with the betches. A couple of uneducated, ignorant girls blogging about things they clearly haven’t researched… PASS.

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  49. Anon. Bitch. says:

    Love this post.

    I’m not in the top 1%, but instead of complaining about it and living in my own filth protesting for 4 weeks, I’m working on getting there by studying my non-existant ass off at my top Uni. and making connections (by not/fucking bros) with those in the 1%.

    Fucking hippies.

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  50. sorobetch says:

    these comments are so effing annoying. get over it. if you disagree with this post go occupy wall street or whatevs. if you agree with it, good for you, time to move the fuck on.

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  51. Anonymous says:

    How is it embarassing for a social movement in our country to be compared to the social movements of other countries?  Nothing that is happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, etc is wrong.  They are people trying to regain some semblance of freedom.  The only reason we can wear our over-sized sun glasses, drink our Starbucks, and black out 5 days a week is because we live in a democratic society.  The people at OWS care about our country too, obviously a lot more than you.  There’s being betchy and not following the news, and then there’s being ignorant.  You’ve crossed into the latter.

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  52. Abby says:

    amen. this post was painful to read and the majority of the girls commenting are completely ignorant

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  53. Anonymous says:

    This post was funny.  I don’t agree with it at all, but you have to give credit where credit is deserved.  I laughed the whole way through this.

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  54. Anonymous says:

    Fox News keeps you up to date on OWS too.. And stresses how retarded it actually is.

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  55. E says:

    agreeeed, this post fails.

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  56. Bored Betch says:

    Okay betches this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. Like can we change the subject to Ashton Kutcher cheating with hott blondes on Demi Moore or that guy from Star Trek coming out as our new gay bff? Kthxbye

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  57. Anonymous says:

    “Omg it’s soo embarrassing for me to be compared to Tunisia and Egypt because I’m a racist! What a MOCKERY!” yeah…..what a mockery YOU are of a real person, take your ignorant hick ass elsewhere

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  58. Anonymous says:

    Because of how fucking poor normal people are, it’s not that hard to be classified as “rich”. What’s the 1% threshold? 500k + a year? Beside #nicegirl poser losers that read this site and wish they were a betch, most girls reading this are probably more wealthy than the average person. And I’m not afraid to admit it, I don’t think anyone here has made their own money unless they’ve graduated (a decent) college, so it’s our dad’s/family’s money. I’m only 20… of course I am able to buy nice things but it’s not my money!! we’ve never had a problem admitting that.

    My POINT is, however, that you say that the people who authored this post are probably nowhere near the 1%...? Obviously, no one knows who exactly these betches are, so we don’t know their financial situation. My guess is that they are from a wealthy family, they graduated from Cornell (my Princeton friend knows a girl who knows a girl who knew them… etc, etc.) , and now they have an extremely popular, not to mention hilarious, blog. They may not be making the same salaries as high-end bankers on Wall Street, but they are probably making wayyy more than an average college graduate with her MRS degree. (I’m too lazy to look anything up- but I don’t know the ball-park salary for bloggers. this is just a guess so get your fucking panties out of that wad.)

    This comment is wayyyy too long that I almost considered not posting it, but basically, stop being a bitch (NOT betch). They never claimed to be on par with the top of Wall Street, they just complained that the protesters were in their way on the way to Barney’s. And I bet they are in the 1% financially, a lot of us are (daddy’s work, not mine yet).

    But i do agree that some girls #try #too #hard #(housemusic) #to #show #the #internet #(icedcoffee) #that #they #(dud) #are #in #(sunglasses) #fact #betchy

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  59. Anonymous says:

    oh okay awesome, have fun fucking Glenn Beck

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  60. Anonymous says:

    wait you really think you’re in the 1%, really? hahahahahaha over/under on you betches living in mcmansions in gated communities and wearing juicy sweatsuits and “boots with the fur”. ignorant as hell.

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  61. some of you make me sick says:

    Some of you people are retarded. Clearly betches are in the top 1 percent.. That’s one out of every hundred people.. Not as rare as you think but pretty fucking elite obvs. This movement is so retarded go complain about your lives somewhere other than wall street and cities where the pros and daddys that make our money and actually work for what they earn instead of spending days on end bitching about how fucking unfair it is they’re not in the lucky sperm club. Or at least shut up and pretend you don’t give a fuck you’re not in the one percent because all I hear is “I’m a pathetic loser who talks about my problems all the time.” Grow up this occupy thing won’t change shit. Even if it gets rid of the top one percent.. There will just be another one percent to complain about.

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  62. Howell says:

    This post is a total complete FAIL. Also ... “But then a herd of poor people got in the way of our daily commute to Barney’s” ... is lame and obvious. NOT THE WORK OF BETCHES, BETCHES. What did you have an intern write this?

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  63. Anon. Bitch. says:

    No one past 7th grade wearing juicy couture could be considered a betch.

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  64. Anonymous says:

    Betches and wanna-be betches, relax.
    If you don’t like it, then get out for the biz.

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  65. betchamissme says:

    betches, arguing is so unbetchy…... let’s all go get manicures and track down our dealers instead of debating shit we shouldn’t care about on the internet

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  66. republicanbetch says:

    I so agree with this post. Occupy Wall Street has to be one of the most idiotic movements in American history—its probs mostly a bunch of Columbia students who are just so excited to have something to protest. anyone who stands up for this protesters/weirdo democrats is def not in the 1%. is it that you WANT to give your money away? very unbetchy.

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  67. Hannah says:

    You’re fucking pathetic idiots. Being educated will also be worth more than your dumb designer shit you fucking losers.
    Fuck you.
    When you’re dying I hope you regret how shitty,slutty, and dumb of a person you were.
    You suck, whores.

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  68. you're a dumb fuck says:

    i couldn’t even get through this comment cause it was so poorly written. and it lost all legitimacy when you spelled “ladder” wrong. and trust me i’m not a nerdy know-it-all. you’re just so stupid that i couldn’t not comment.

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  69. what? says:

    no you obviously tried way too hard with that last paragraph. and wtf is a MRS degree?

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  70. lol says:

    if you’re stupid enough to think they “summed up” anything than you’re an idiot

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  71. totally agree with you but... says:

    it’s wrong to say these people are unemployed. a lot of them do have jobs. and there are some pretty successful/rich people who support the movement as well. don’t think this is all about poor people protesting. it’s much bigger than that.

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  72. wrong says:

    if you don’t know what the point is, then read an article. just because they don’t have clearly articulated goals doesn’t mean you can’t grasp what the point is. and it’s not about rich vs. poor. it’s about big corporations using taxpayers’ money irresponsibly and using their wealth to control politicians and government.  the “99%” are sick of paying their fair share of taxes when the “1%” use loopholes to get out of paying their fair share. it’s about fairness. and that doesn’t mean socialism. it means democracy.

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  73. Anonymous says:

    i’m hotter than you, smarter than you, and more fun than you. i am SO much of a betch that I will tell you how fucking ignorant and stupid this post is and any comments agreeing with this post because i fucking can and i fucking want to. call me “unbetchy” for caring. but read my first sentence and you’ll see why i don’t fucking care what you say.

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  74. Jen-Jen says:

    The problem with the occupy wallstreeters is that they ultimately want but the 1% has. If someone offered them 1 million dollars a piece of wall street money, you think they wouldn’t be fighting and punching each other over it?!? Work hard, get a good paying job, or be born rich. Otherwise, STFU. No one ever said capitalism is fair.

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  75. Anonymous says:

    You know what’s American? Democracy. And I call for a revote of “head betches.” Not only have their post seriously gone down hill in terms of hilarity and relevance, they just made a irreplaceable mistake by posting this shit and alienating half their followers. Bad politics. As much as it pains me to say this there is a reason this site will never get as much notoriety as “bros like this site.” Those idiots know to keep things simple, relatable, and entertaining. They don’t desperately try to keep up with common affairs or scramble for some pop culture reference they can write a mediocre post about. Betches, if you’re so desperate for ideas that you’re “betchitizing” politics, give it up. I think I speak for many fellow betches when I say I’d rather have one post a week that is a legit work of art (hating long-distance relationships was genius) than seven lackluster ones that could pretty much be written by the nice girl who I cheat off of in accounting.

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  76. Anonymous says:

    and i meant to write “then”, not “than”

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  77. Anonymous says:

    You obvs don’t get sarcasm… And if you don’t know what a “mrs” degree is you’re dumb, I think everyone knows what it means

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  78. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of your stance, you just quoted the biggest #nice girl on the fucking planet. In other news, I just threw up in my mouth

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  79. anon. says:

    If they weren’t unemployed then, they are now after taking a 4 week leave… ‘Nooo this is sooo unfair, I like left my job for 4 weeks to go be a hippie protestor, my boss should totally be okay with it, like, even though I didn’t tell him I was leaving. Nooo now I can’t pay my mortgage….THIS IS ALL THE 1%‘s FAULT’.
    When in doubt, blame the government.

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  80. ScaredBetch says:

    omg your readers are a bunch of psycho wackjobs

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  81. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure political party affiliation has nothing to do with being poor or not being poor…

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  82. woops says:

    Looks like you’re the idiot now.

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  83. Anonymous says:

    love you for saying this.  much needed.

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  84. Anonymous says:

    Darling, ladder.  Pretend that you took an english class at your community college.

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  85. Anonymous says:

    Ew.  Foulbetch.

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  86. Anonymous says:

    PREACH IT, Betch

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  87. Anonymous says:

    L-O-FUCKING-L at everyone who is taking this post so seriously. Get over yourselves.

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  88. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAH wait this is so great, touche

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  89. Anonymous says:

    This comment was the funniest thing I’ve read yet, and if your serious then I pray for us all. Among all the absurdities you’ve talked about (including how much a person makes with a Master’s? Is that something you read in your Seventeen magazine?), last time I checked, the man was MLK JUNIOR..they just honored him with a statue in DC this week for Christ’s sake. And what is accomplished if we all, like, fuck guys and have hot bods?  Try to graduate high school before you worry your vapid little head with the issues of the world.

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  90. Anonymous says:

    I have loved almost everything that’s come out of this site, but as a commerce student at a top ranked school (no i’m not fat) this is going too far. i mean there are limits and we’re talking about social inequality here, not the less rich girl in your wider social circle.

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  91. LA BETCH says:

    Unfucking real.

    Newsflash- you betches don’t seem to understand either side of what is going on here. Being stupid= unbetchy.

    These idiots on the street are holding up signs saying things along the lines of “I am 18, pregnant, and because I’m unemployed I am forced to give up my baby.” HUH. Perhaps that thought should have crossed your mind before you decided to suck at #notfuckingbros. Fucking duh.

    Also, to those holding signs saying “I have $120,000 of debt from student loans, I am the 99%”: you are only promised a k-12 education as an American. Stop feeling this false sense of entitlement. If you can’t afford a private school education, go to public school. Stop spending out of your means and then complaining when you realize how fucked you are.

    My family writes off most of their income so no, they hardly pay taxes. You know what does happen though? My parents have created a company that employs 400 Californians. Soooo 400 are now fully employed, earning salaries, and have full benefits for them AND THEIR FAMILIES.

    Finally, these dumbasses on Wall St don’t even know what they are protesting. Some are rallying for redistribution of wealth while others are trying to hold somebody accountable for the recession. If these people had half a brain, they should be speaking to the government. The government allows a ridiculous amount of lobbying from cooperations. The 99% wants change? They need to get the government to stand up to these cooperations, not try and do it themselves.

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  92. Anonymous says:

    To whoever said that it’s embarrassing to be compared to uprisings in the Middle East then had a few dumb betches try and talk shit, I agree with you. It’s embarrassing because as much as Americans want to think they have it bad, try living in fucking Libya. OWS is nothing like the Arab Spring because we live in a fucking democracy and can actually criticize our government without having our entire families killed. These people shouldn’t be protesting on Wall Street, if they’re going to do it they should be in DC where all of this shit actually came from. None of them seem to actually understand what happened when the mortgage bubble burst and the bail outs happened, but Obama’s fiscal policies are fucking absurd.

    The truth is any “betches” commenting to say, like, oh my god, like I know right! Money! are MORE than likely not a genuine part of the 1%. If you were, you would have been raised knowing that talking about money is just about as classless as it gets. These posts are usually funny but also satirical, and you sound like a dumbass when you actually talk like that.


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  93. this_betch says:

    This post crossed a line. I really like reading this site for entertainment but after this post i’m disappointed.  Not only this did put down a movement that is passionate about fixing the unemployment rate in our country but it puts down the 99% of AMERICAN PEOPLE.  For the record, I want to state that I went to a private university, thanks to my great grades & not having to #buymywayintoschool, and I just graduated at the age of 21 & luckily have already landed a professional job, therefore I’m already #winning & still care about our country & the people living in it.  Before you “betches” became “rich” (might i point out you’re probably still living at home with mommy & daddy, living off their funds…if they even have any at all)’d be working your ass off for money & be well included in that 99%.  Maybe instead of worrying about the #Kardashians & Kim’s Fantasy Wedding, which makes kim look pretty unbetchy since she’s married to Kris Humphries (who btw isn’t even #hot or #uglyhot, Just plain effing gross) you could go to & do some research before you decide to #talkshit.  Everyone knows that you don’t #talkshit unless you actually know the facts, because if you don’t…you just end up looking like the #dud & what’s worse than that? uhm…nothing.  It’s so obvious that things need to change in America and #OWS is a good way to bring attention to important matters.

    Also if the #bros & #SABS who turned to #pros, actually went to class and paid attention instead of #partying, #drinkingvod & #smoking all the time..they’d probably know a thing or two about business and the real world.  It’s pretty obvious that you betches let them fuck you in college, but that doesn’t mean we all have to get fucked.  Sloppy seconds? No thanks.

    Yours truly,
    this_betchh smile

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  94. Taylor says:

    Do you make more than 250K? If so, then you are the 1%.  If you don’t, then bLah blah blah to the girl who says she works 80 hours a week as basically a slave and thinks obama is taking away ALL your hard earned money via taxes??! LOLOL.  It’s the 1% who want middle class workers like you to keep slaving away all those hours and get paid a fraction of what they make so that they don’t have to do all the “work.”  Research your facts, and make sure you reside in the correct tax bracket before you go thinking that Obama is “taking” your money…he’s actually trying to protect those that make less than 25OK/year dumbass, the people who make up the 99%, which is most likely YOU.

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  95. you dumb cunt says:

    Bloggers don’t make shit.  That’s actually hilarious that you think they do.  You clearly have no concept of money or how the world works. 

    Because your daddy is a doctor and you’re family is upper middle class does not, I repeat, does not make you part of the actual upper class, aka 1%.  You don’t know them, and you don’t speak for them. 

    Stop pretending to be a part of the actual 1% just because you’re not poor.

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  96. Whateverbetch says:

    Clearly you people can’t get a fucking joke. Like its not that serious.  It’s meant to be funny like the rest of the website. I’m not in the top 1% and I doubt any betch who reads this website actually is. But it was fucking funny so please get over it and cry about something more important than a blog post

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  97. YES says:

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS POST.  This confirms that you betches know your shit.  Fucking love you all so much.

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  98. Fucking Duh says:

    Wasn’t this post intended to be a joke? People need to fucking chill out.

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  99. please educate before educating says:

    you have an audience. figure out what your “shit-talking” about before you shit talk. how is it such a hard concept to understand - separating individuals into social classes bring no positive to the world OR to you. I enjoyed your previous posts, but this is quite stupid. Seriously? You waited for 2 hours to get to Barneys? I used to be all caught up in superficial shit like yourselves until I lost my Mother and Father in 9/11.  Kinda makes you realize how fucked up this world is. I don’t want pitty, I just don’t like reading ignorant shit when there are people in this world who care more about creating positive change than what Kim Kardash is tweeting and how much money they have. Seriously, open your eyes.

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  100. Ew says:

    This site is getting dangerously close to tfm. Aka Annoying. Can we please go back to talking about makeup? NO ONE CARES about this shit. For those who are in the 1%, awesome. For those who aren’t, marry someone who is fucking duh. I don’t wanna hear about any dumb bitch or betch’s opinion on the GOP. Shut the fuck up and please let’s get back to talking about shopping.

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  101. Anonymous says:

    honestly sweetheart my heart goes out to you about your tradgedy however, this website is in existence for betches aka superficial funny people .. a betch doesnt cater to anyone .. and this fucking wall street thing is obsurd .. sorry poor people.. my family works hard for their money and i dont live in america to share it with the hippy freaks who cant et a job.. i personally loveee reading about kardash and “ignorant shit” as opposed to other world things and such i mean if i wanted to learn about boring shit i would watch the news kisses bet.. i mean bitch

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  102. lbg says:

    Uhhhh,yeah so ineffective that it spread to every major city in the United States and other countries around the world. Get a clue

    Posted on Reply
  103. Anonymous says:

    completely agree about being uninformed versus being ignorant. smart betches trump stupid betches.

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  104. Areyoujoking? says:

    Okay, I was only able to read a few of the negative comments before finding it necessary to comment, which I never do. The people that are freaking out about this post need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Quite honestly, if you’re losing your shit so much about this post I’m surprised you’re even on this website in the first place. Anyone in their right fucking mind knows these posts are like 99% sarcasm. None of this was meant to be literal, and honestly if the betches don’t completely “know what they’re talking about,” it’s because they don’t give a fucking shit about Occupy Wall Street because the whole thing is fucking retarded. To the idiot haters out there, stop reading the website because it’s obviously over your “we are the 99%” heads.

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  105. MostOfficialBetch says:

    I love. Whether you’re the 1% or 99% do something better with your time than protest on Wall Street. Everyone else, stop being so serious. You eat this shit up on a daily basis, don’t start hating it now.

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  106. Mcgbetch says:


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  107. Anonymous says:

    may have taken it a tad too far. i’ll admit i laughed and agreed with some, buttttt borderline extremely offensive

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  108. B says:

    haha this is an amazing read! First off, occupy wall street, as stated in the article is about nothing. And if you do actually support the protests, who cares! THis is a hilarious take on it!! lighten up people, this is hilarious

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  109. Anonymous says:

    This post is funny.

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  110. Anonymous says:

    To everyone demanding we “chill the fuck out” and take the post as the “joke” that it is, I suggest you just pop a few more Ambiens and go back to filling your shopping bag on the Bergdorf site.

    The reason most betches arent seeing the “joke” in this post is because it’s not fucking funny. It’s boring, it’s serious, it’s very real, but most importantly it’s NOT FUNNY and it’s NOT ENTERTAINING.

    If you can find the opportunity to make some “waa poor people” comment, it’s only because you’re too fucking stupid to understand economics and just fall back on the fact that your parents’ middle class income allowed you to get your first Chanel clutch in the 7th grade like every other fucking person on this site.

    To reiterate what others have said, if you wanna keep it light and betchy, then stop with the posts that aren’t.

    Oh. Or totally make the next post on Hilary Clinton’s foreign trade missions. Then we can all just chime in on how ugly her haircut and pantsuits are and how politics are only for ugly people. Like that’d be hilar. Totally. Gag me.

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  111. SB betch says:

    that’s what i said in point number 1 - for invested money to be spent responsibly.

    i didn’t say all of them are asking for free shit, but a lot of people are expecting shit to be doled out to them.

    i could go on but i’m going to watch a repeat of the real housewives instead. cos that’s how fucking retarded i am.

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  112. Lolol says:


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  113. Emily says:

    Betches, I LOVE your site. Why would you write about this? You should at least pretend to care. ie #keepingupwiththenews. Stop reading about the fat annoying Kardashians and brush up on some Jackie O. That was a queen betch with a fucking brain.

    I still love you. Even top betches have a moment of lapsed judegement

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  114. Betch J says:

    I literally died at this post!!! I have been saying this from the start! Stupid liberals. BETCHES FOR PRES!

    Posted on Reply
  115. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs to calm their tits, take a deep breath, and relax.

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  116. DUH says:

    If you were real betches, you wouldn’t bash the Occupy Wall Street hippies. You would agree from afar, in a clean place. Did you transform overnight from NYC betches to old rich faggots? sad.

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  117. Anonymous says:

    Not everyone has the same advantages as you. Some may come from a large family, or their parents lost their job; not everyone was drinking away at a state college. No one is attacking bankers it’s important to remember that some people are less privileged.

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  118. WOW says:

    Its super clear that your daddy told you all of this and you have no clue what you are talking about. dumb.

    1-Do you understand that the UC system used to be FREE in California? This is why people are freaking out about the constant hikes in tuition.

    2-I think its great that your family employs as many Americans as you do. That’s awesome. But unfortunatley most corporations now outsource all their jobs to fucking india so of course people are pissed that they make a ton of money, pay no taxes, and aren’t employing Americans.

    3-The recession would be ELIMINATED if we raised taxes. It would cover our debts. Do the math.

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  119. Hanna says:

    Well you shouldn’t be so sure. If you’d taken even a basic political science course you’d know that the majority of poor people are democrats and the majority of rich people are republicans. It’s a general trend because of the economic policies of each party. There’s definitely a correlation, whereas you seem to think there’s none.  How naive.

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  120. Hanna says:

    Ohhh my gosh, these angry people commenting need to chill out and get a sense of humor. Anyone getting so worked up over this is so clearly not even close to being a betch.

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  121. betchier than yewww says:

    Jesus christ shut the fack up. Its a blog for betches not a fucking debate teams blog.. Grow up betches

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  122. Anonymous says:

    totally agree with you

    Posted on Reply
  123. Noelle Linore says:

    First of all, fuck you, this is the first grand scale movement of our generation and it is vital for us a country,
    Secondly, your site is all about ‘betchiest’ trends and what makes white rich girls so fucking cool: if you knew anything about anything you would know that all the girls wearing urban outfitters and free people holding signs on wallstreet are what you should be writing about. While i think thats bullshit you could at least pretend to care about occupy wallstreet….

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  124. anonymous says:

    FUCK YOU!!!!! Whoever wrote this gauranteed makes below 30K a year and is full of shit

    Posted on Reply
  125. natasha says:

    im guessing whoever wrote this is gay, well the dirty slobs you just described are standing out there fighting for your equal rights, not to mention peoples right to keep their homes, get affordable health care, basically end human suffering and hopefully one day poverty. so why dont you find a better way to spend your day then bashing on these brave people cause they are standing between you and your shopping addiction. at least they are fighting for our future. one day your nieces, nephews, whatever maybe you will adopt or find a woman to bare your child.. They are going to ask you what you were doing when the world changed. all you will have to show for yourself is this stupid blog. you obviously you didnt do very much research. get a clue

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  126. Anonymous says:

    this site is for humor. do your really think half of these posts are serious? its called A JOKE. and pity is spelled with one “t”, not two.

    Posted on Reply
  127. Smarterthanyou says:

    Less privileged? You can be as privileged as you want to be, idiot. It’s called working hard to succeed. God I hate dumb people.

    Posted on Reply
  128. newbetch says:

    it was written in the voice of an ignorant upper-west-side betch, but not necessarily by an uneducated betch. this should make people question WHY they are the side that they are on. she makes valid points—a lot of people in front of wallstreet have no idea why they are there, not to mention no grasp of how the economy works. ever heard the average protester talk about their beliefs? they say “fix it” but they are equally clueless as to how to fix it, and can’t exactly pinpoint what to fix besides their own personal problems. of course, there are some people that do know what they are talking about. this makes me want to pick up a newspaper and be a smarter betch; bottom-line.

    as far as entertainment value, i agree, a little crappy, but don’t give up! i love reading when the betch has fire under her ass.

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  129. anonymous says:

    yeah but Absurd is spelled with an A not an O. nice try.

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  130. Petite Bitch says:

    This post is HILARIOUS. Thank you… and you’re probably right. xxo

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  131. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t like something that you read.. don’t go on this website? PROBLEM SOLVED.

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  132. AGREED says:

    Hahahahah I love this post….So true! Lazy people wanting what they cant have…it never has and never will be successful that way. Hard work solves all problems, so dont sit on your butt and protest. GET A REAL JOB!

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  133. Anonymous says:

    by far my very favorite

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  134. Anonymous says:

    everything you guys write is brilliant, and this is too.

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  135. Anonymous says:

    so funny. i’m laughing at all of you who are taking this fucking seriously. get over yourself and start talking shit about other people, at least then people will care what you have to say. #toobetchtocare #hopeyoufuckingreply

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  136. becca says:

    betches write this site because part of being a betch is being funny and witty. all of the posts on this site are not serious, its an online personality.

    stupid betches.

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  137. Jess says:

    Every movement, including OWS, has betches; trust me. You just won’t see that shit on the news because the media doesn’t want betches down there. Why? Betches get shit done, that’s why.

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  138. toastyinmyburberryparka says:

    can’t wait until the plebes freeze themselves out of their squatting sitch in zuccotti park. let it snow betches

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  139. Anonymous says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this, loved the comical angle you brought to the issue. You’re completely right! I was waiting to see some popular culture not supporting this movement. And don’t listen to the losers trying to go against this post, they just like to be heard and cant mind their manners… hence the protest.

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  140. Anonymous says:

    Actually bitch, she’s pointing out how this movement serves no purpose and has no focus or direction. It could be something great, but it won’t.

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  141. actuallystfu says:

    if there was some sort of -degree- of seriousness in this blog post, then this is really embarrassing.  i thought that betches were supposed to be educated but i guess the term ‘betches’ can be applied to the broad spectrum of confident and well educated women to the daughters of the 1% who are being “attacked” in this movement.

    America is a country where we are allowed to peacefully protest, which is what is happening in OWS.  if you have a problem with the movement then DON’T JOIN IT. sure, OWS could possibly be more effective with a unified leader, but it’s important to remember that the fight for women’s rights and gay rights *also* started without a clear leader for these rights that we have today.

    but if this blog post was written to satirize the ignorance of some self-proclaimed betches, then well done.

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  142. ListenUp says:

    Yeah you’re totally convincing with your “SmarterThanYou” handle and name calling.

    Posted on Reply
  143. NopeNotQuite says:

    Nope, now you’re the idiot.

    Posted on Reply
  144. Marian the Grammarian says:

    middle class people don’t “slave.”  they work an honest week for an honest wage.  The 1% who are making more money are being compensated 1) for having a great idea, working hard and risking everything to make it work a la Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Phil Knight 2) for being very athletic 3) for making movies or for being a nasty skank, a la Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan 4) or for engaging in legal gambling, aka the stock/bond/commodity/money markets.  Rich people pay more income tax, more personal property tax, more capital gains tax, more sales tax, and more inheritance tax as well as making more charitable contributions than their middle/low income counterparts.  Occupy Wall Street is nothing but a loosely organized group of envious lazy unoriginal bone-chillingly average people who want what others have without earning it.

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  145. #53shadiness says:

    omg the people who are taking this post seriously are killing me—you obviously have NO sense of humor, which is worse than being a member of the 99% (oh fyi that was a joke). LIGHTEN UP! this site is hilarious and if you don’t agree, i really do feel bad for you and suggest that you go back to your serious reading on god you’re such an enlightened intellectual, i’m so jealous of you.. teach me how to..dougie?!

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  146. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE THIS. Those hippies are fucking gross…. The 1% are betches with jobs and make MONEY. Poor people…. Always complaining.

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  147. trollololol says:

    did anyone here who is commenting on these betches being dumb not realize what website this was! the whole thing is an ode to stupidity and over-entitled princesses. every woman who ever wanted to be taken seriously will cringe at this site.

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  148. Bostonian_Pro says:

    Marry me betch! We’ll drink G&Ts;, while we laugh at the 99% from my yacht.

    Posted on Reply
  149. LB says:

    The movement is a joke. I live in SF and disease (especially syphilis, ew) is spreading among the camps of drugged up hippies. Apparently, a lot of the dogs that have been brought to the camps have dropped dead because it as well. Sounds fun right?

    And if you haven’t seen the list of demands you’re in for a treat…

    · Demand #1 is that minimum wage should be $20 an hour. Do we really think the people who screw up orders at McDonalds deserve the same pay as an entry-level engineer who spent years in college?

    · And you think our schools are impacted now?... Another demand, free college education. Who exactly will be paying for your teachers? And if everyone has a college degree, guess what those will be valued at?

    · All the demands for free things and we need to wonder: WHOSE GOING TO BE PAYING FOR ALL THIS?? Small businesses can’t afford $20 an hr. Who’s going to pay for that? The government? The government gets their money from its citizens who are planning on sitting on their ever-expanding asses, hands extended, with their free education which will be paid for by…. No one because no one will be working.

    Here’s one of your occupy “leaders” in action:

    Hope off that smelly bandwagon

    Occupy Nordys Betch.

    Posted on Reply
  150. thetruth says:

    but steve jobs passed away…

    Posted on Reply
  151. Wow. says:

    You are ALL idiots!! Go home and do homework or go to work. Stop wasting time on this insanely stupid sight. Un-American BITCHES.

    Referring to the writers of this hideously un-intelligent “article.”

    Posted on Reply
  152. Rich Betch says:

    You will always be in the 99% because your hoping someone else will take up your slack.  Hell your hoping Obama will play Robin Hood and solve all your problems.  Your an arm chair quarterback to your own life!  You can’t Even get off your lazy ass and go down and protest with the other misfits. Probably because you did not get daddy to buy you an iPhone so you can protest in style like the other 99%. Who are a product of the everyone is a winner school of philosophy. You know the group waiting for their snow cones after playing a no-keep-score-non-contact game of soccer because everyone is valuable regardless of the score, because your a loser.

    Everyone can’t win or there is no point in winning. There are always going to be people who have and those who have not. And it has to do with effort not the bankers. They may have made bad loans but the 99% were the ones buying McMansions they could not afford and then wondering how the evil banks could want either their money back or the house back.

    Oh and just for the record Obama already raised taxes on the 99%.  He signed into law a federal tax hike on gas, cigarettes ($1 per pack) and booze ($1 per bottle of liquor and $.03 per beer). And he did this in his first 90 days office.  I am pretty sure that hurt the 99% more than the 1%.

    His current Jobs bill if you do the math will create 50k/Year jobs at an annual cost of 225k per job. brilliant!

    Go drink your Koolaid somewhere else you I still live with my parents at 30 winning betch.

    Posted on Reply
  153. nottabetch says:

    Whats the problem with state schools? Not every person is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Sure, I could get into an “elite” school, but afford it? Not in a million years…spending 50 grand a year for an education makes no sense. Actually GOING to that “elite” school, working your butt off, and then having all of those loans afterwards is a huge part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and a reason why so many college students are out there. Now even state schools are falling to privatization, with tuition rising steadily each year for state schools (while budget cuts take away amazing professors and student services). Half of the college students out there probably went to an elite university, got out with thousands of dollars of student loans, and then couldn’t find a job.

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  154. This Betch says:

    like omg!!  I worked hard…my parents worked hard! They gave me a room with my own desk and a few expensive tutors and then I went to a top school and then like my daddy hired me and all these other people figure shit out for me but im SOOO qualified.

    Obviously, everyone else’s parents are lazy fucks who just didn’t work hard enough!! Like totally betchessss whohooo!

    If you are dumb enough to believe that everyone protesting doesn’t know where your money comes from…not to be redundant but you’re a dumb shit. No one is fooling anyone. They say they know why Javier got into college…hahah well we ALL know how you got into college and it has everything to do with circumstance and nothing to do with ability (that can’t be learned) STEP OFF BETCHESSSSS hahahahhahahahahah! laaame.

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  155. BB says:

    Actually, the “demands” that you just stated are not the demands of Occupy Wall Street. The list of demands that you are reading from is from one singular person who posted a comment/ discussion piece on the Occupy website. Occupy hasn’t actually adopted those demands. The MEDIA has taken those demands, and publicized them as the real demands even though they are not. I support the movement, and when I read that list of demands I was really disappointed because I thought they were real, but then I did more research and realized that they were not the official demands.

    I believe this might be the list of demands you are referring to- read disclaimer at the top.

    “Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.”

    -This is from Sept. 25 (the very beginning of the movement)

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  156. 6 figures is nothing says:

    to all the paupers supporting the OWS movement-

    sorry, not all of us are born with plastic spoons in our mouth.

    if your parents aren’t millionaires, they’re failures. hashtag FACT.

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  157. DourseApere says:

    Who likes the animated series Family Guy?

    Posted on Reply
  158. Anonymous says:

    that’s actually disgusting. being really fucking stupid isn’t betchy.

    Posted on Reply
  159. Anonymous says:

    wont be coming back.

    Posted on Reply
  160. xo says:

    oh my god, i fucking love this post

    Posted on Reply
  161. Anonymous says:

    Its a website not ‘sight’. Fucking go back to school and get a real degree. All those OWS complainers probably have philosophy degrees, which is only good for thinking deeply about unemployment.

    Posted on Reply
  162. Edgar Allen Bro says:

    So far your other posts have been decent, but this one is pathetic. You just made yourself sound really stupid and uneducated. If you are that ignorant you deserve to be an illuminati slave haha

    Posted on Reply
  163. Worthy of Breathing says:

    You’re all fucking morons if you actually believe that hating on the 1% is simple as “hating on you because you have shit you don’t need”. It’s called that the 1% has, oh I don’t know, 95% of the world’s income? How’s that for a caste system when it comes to working. the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Enjoy the smell of your chanel assholes because you vapid cunts will never know what it’s like to be humble, sincere, genuine, or have the strength and humility to make a sacrifice for someone. Enjoy your wallets, because that’s the only love you’ll ever have. I am the 99%, and I think it’s dafe to say that 99% of the world thinks your 1% is a waste of flesh.

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